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Housing Element of the General Plan
State law is more specific about the content of housing elements than any other portion of the general plan. The Housing Element is also the only element that is actually subject to review and "certification" by the state.

 The Housing Element is required by State law to include all of the following information:
  • Information about the existing housing stock, covering such items as the amount, type, cost, tenure, and structural conditions of the units.
  •  An analysis of potential barriers to housing production including both governmental and non-governmental constraints of the units.
  •  Information about energy conservation opportunities in housing rehabilitation and new construction.
  •  Information about existing subsidized housing and the possibility of its being lost due to conversion to market-rate units.
  • Specific goals, measurable objectives, policies and implementation measures. Objectives must include targets for housing unit production, based on a "fair share allocation".

General Plan Consistency
The 2009 Soledad Housing Element includes goals, policies, programs, and objectives that are generally consistent with the 2005 Soledad General Plan. Aside from the accommodation of new "fair share" housing goals, the policy approach contained in the 2009 Housing Element is similar to that of the existing 2003 Housing Element. Both elements call for development of multi-family to ensure that the ratio of multi-family to single-family housing does not decline and make affordable housing units a priority; both encourage the development of units for large families and encourage the development of single-room occupancy units for migrant farmworkers; both call for close coordination between the City and affordable housing developers; and both call for the rehabilitation of older housing, and the conservation of existing affordable housing. In addition, both call for the integration of affordable housing in newly developing specific plan areas identified by the General Plan for future growth.

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 For more information contact the Housing Division at (831) 223-5043.

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