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Weed Abatement

Fire is an acknowledged and constant danger. Reducing the fuel load around you and along your property boundaries lessens that danger. Year-round maintenance of your landscaping, vegetation and combustible accumulations makes a significant contribution to your fire safety and the safety of others.

All combustible rubbish, trash, trimmings or litter, which presents a fire hazard, must be removed from the property. The following are some guidelines to consider when maintaining your property to assist with our efforts in preventing unwanted fires:

  • All combustible materials of value being stored outside of a building must be neatly stacked and all combustible growth cleared 100 feet around.
  • Mowing is the abatement method encouraged by the Fire Department and should be a maximum of 6 inches.
  • Maintain roofs of all buildings or structures free of leaves, needles and other combustible matter.
  • Remove any portion of a tree that extends within 10 feet of the outlet of a chimney or stovepipe. 
  • Maintain 5 feet of vertical clearance between roof surfaces and portions of trees overhanging any building or structure.
  • Maintain volatile tree species (including Acacia, Cedar, Cypress, Eucalyptus and Pines) so that no leafy foliage, twigs or branches are within 10 feet of the ground.

On Parcels Greater than 3 Acres:

  • Provide 100-foot firebreaks and crossbreaks.
  • Provide crossbreaks that divide the parcel into approximately 5-Acre sections.
  • Firebreaks and crossbreaks are a continuous strip of disced, dozed or mowed ground following as closely as possible to the property line and along side all fence lines, ditches and on top of all ridges.

Destruction by burning is not allowed in the City of Soledad. Burn permits are only issued to agricultural properties in the Mission Soledad Rural Fire Protection District. To acquire a burn permit, visit the Soledad Fire Department located at 525 Monterey St. Soledad, Ca. 93960 8 A.M to 5 P.M daily.

The Soledad Fire Department may require additional abatement on properties because of special problems with terrain, land use, growth, location or the fire history of the area.

The City's Weed Abatement Program is an annual process that improves property appearance and reduces the potential for fires and damage to property. The City of Soledad Fire Department looks forward to working with each and every member of the community to continue our efforts in preventing unwanted fires through programs such as the annual Weed Abatement Program.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions with regards to Weed Abatement, contact City of Soledad Fire Department,  525 Monterey Street, Soledad, California 93960 or email at .

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